The North American Bramble Growers Research Foundation, Inc. (NABGRF). seeks proposals for bramble research for the year 2019. All bramble proposals will be considered. Special consideration will be given to proposals related to the specific priorities established for this round of funding as shown below. Please note that position on this list does not represent ranking within the priorities. Proposals will be accepted from universities and institutions in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

Pest Management Strategies

  • Evaluation of new pesticides (insecticides, fungicides and herbicides) for blackberry and raspberry production
  • Non-chemical strategies for pest control
  • Management of spotted wing drosophila (SWD)

Production Efficiency and Profitability

  • Management of blackberries and raspberries in tunnels and shade structures (pruning, training and trellis systems)
  • Post-harvest handling for small farmers
  • Pruning and training systems to improve production
  • Dealing with heat/UV damage to fruit using horticultural management
  • Using horticultural management techniques or improved cultivars to machine harvest for fresh market
  • Development of cultural practices to aid in extreme climate/weather events
  • Nitrogen management
  • Management of blackberry red drupelet reversion
  • Pruning practices for primocane-fruiting blackberries

Cultivar Development and Testing

  • Breeding for tolerance to environmental issues
  • Identification of genes that control white drupelets
  • Breeding for longer chilling and development of secondary buds
  • Breeding for reduced blackberry red drupelet reversion
  • Black raspberry development, including thornlessness and earlier/later ripening cultivars

Special Needs

  • Marketing
  • Health benefits research

Since 1999, NABGRF has funded a total of 100 proposals totaling $253,428. Funding for individual projects is expected to range from $2000-$5000. In order to expedite the process, we ask that your request stay within this range. Please note that the NABGRF does not  pay overhead or “indirect” costs. The major source of funds for NABGRF’s research grants is contributions by nurseries to NABGRF’s Nursery Contribution Program, initiated in 2007. The Foundation very much appreciates their support

Proposals will be reviewed by the Research Committee of the NABGRF in early January. The Research Committee will forward their recommendations to the NABGRF Board of Trustees. Final funding decisions are made by the Board of Trustees. Notice of awards will be sent out by March 2016. For more information, email either of the NABGRF Research Co-Coordinators, Patrick Byers and Jeff Chandler.

The deadline for proposals for 2019 grants is December 21, 2018.   Email your proposal as a PDF file to by this date.

See the Proposal Guidelines

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