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The North American Bramble Growers Research Foundation relies on donations to support research into caneberry genetics, pest and disease control, post-harvest technology, nutritional benefits, and many other areas.

You can make an online donation below and pay with a credit card or request to make an offline payment. The “Choose Donation Amount” button will let you customize the dollar amount you wish to donate. All contributions are gratefully accepted — and help make a difference.

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NARBA research foundation donate nursery contribution-program WA Red Raspberry plant
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nursery contribution program

In September, 2007 the North American Bramble Growers Research Foundation initiated a voluntary Nursery Contribution Program to raise funds for bramble research. Because raspberries and blackberries represent minor crops in all but a few states, there is a great need for the industry to step up and fund research. The program is modeled on an existing assessment program of the North American Strawberry Growers Foundation.

Raspberry and blackberry nurseries are asked to make a voluntary self-assessment of $.01 for each plant they sell ($1.00 for each hundred plants). Starting in fall of 2007, nurseries were contacted about this new program, with donations beginning in late 2007 for annual plant sales. These donations have more than doubled funds available to the Foundation for research grants.

If you are a nursery or other industry member looking to contribute a portion of your sales to the Research Foundation, please contact

Requests for Proposals

The North American Bramble Growers Research Foundation, Inc. (NABGRF) seeks grant proposals for caneberry research.