These members of NARBA offer various supplies, products, and services for the caneberry industry. States given indicate the location of the business member, but they generally serve a larger area, depending on the type of business. Website and email links are provided when available. To jump to a specific section, click the link below:


See also our comprehensive Caneberry Nursery List, which lists the varieties and plant types offered by each member nursery. Starred* nurseries below participated in the North American Bramble Growers Research Foundation’s Nursery Contribution Program for 2019-2020. We thank them for their support of research.

Plant & Soil Nutrition

  • American BioChar  Lawrence Alberty, MI – OMRI-listed soil amendments website email
  • Brandt  Gregory Jackson, NC – Plant nutrition, soil amendments, PGRs website email
  • ICL Specialty Fertilizers  multiple reps, regions – Water soluble, control release & foliar fertilizers website email
  • Westbridge Agricultural Products, Andy Hudson, CA – Plant nutrients website  email

Pest and Disease Management, Biocontrols, Pollination

  • AgBioChem  Wayne McBride,UT – crown gall control website  email 
  • Bee Vectoring Technology (BVT)  Ian Collinson, ON – natural disease control with precision bee vectoring   website email
  • Brandt  Gregory Jackson, NC – Multiple products, many OMRI approved website email
  • TriEst Ag Group  Cal Lewis, Jodi McPherson, NC – Fumigants and fumigation supplies  email  website 

Protected Culture, Substrate Production  

  • Cravo Equipment Benjamin Martin, ON – Retractable roof greenhouses  website  email
  • Haygrove Inc. Pete Stefanos, SC – High tunnels, substrate systems  website  email
  • Hort Americas  Maria Luitjohan, TX – Supplies for tunnels, greenhouses and hydroponics email website
  • PlantLogic, LLC Micheal Schmidt, CA – Supplies for substrate production website  email


  • Ag-Liner, Inc. Kim Brenner, PA – Monofilament trellis line website email
  • Best Angle Stakes  Karen Wentzler Woolever, PA – Steel support posts website email
  • Eco Trellis  Paul Fairweather, New Zealand – Steel tube trellis systems  website email
  • Gripple, Inc.  Brody Griffith, IL  – Trellis fasteners website  email
  • IBEX Growing Systems  Andrew Saal, IN – Trellis systems  website  email
  • JSC Agricultural Supply Jim Miller, CA – Trellising and other horticultural supplies  website email
  • Trellis Growing Systems  Richard Barnes, IN – Trellising systems  website email

Equipment, Other Production Services and Suppliers

  • ACI Distributors  Brad Stout, MO – Sprayers and other farm equipment – website email
  • BDI Machinery Sales, Inc. Paul Licata, PA – Specialty agricultural machinery  website email
  • Gearmore, Inc. Robert Emhoff, CA – Farm equipment website email
  • Line Blaster, Inc. Jim Wynn, GA – Product to clean irrigation systems/emitters  website email
  • Netafim, USA  Doug Davis, CA – Irrigation equipment  website  email
  • TNT Supercenter Jim Stalvey, GA – Tractors, farm machinery website email

Produce Safety/Harvest Management/Software/Certification

  • Ag Squared Kevin Hannigan, MN – Farm management software  website email
  • Control Union Certifications  Rebecca Posey, FL – Certification and sustainable production support services website email
  • Fresh QC – VirtualOne  Minor Bolanos, FL – Traceback, harvest data management website  email
  • 2nd Sight Monica Cetnarowski, WA –  Employee time/piecework tracking hardware and software solutions website email

Post-Harvest, Packaging & Marketing

  • Avery Dennison Scott Super, OH – Labeling solutions, label engineering website email
  • AgShift Brian Mellea, CA – AI for processing, quality control  website email
  • KoolJet Luis Orellana, ON – Agricultural refrigeration website email
  • McAirlaid’s, Inc, Rena DeBerry, VA – Manufacturer of absorbent pads for clamshells  website email
  • Produce Promotions, Karla Simmons, IN – Signs, banners, etc  website  email 
  • Thunderbird Plastics, Ltd, Adam Gross, BC, Canada – Plastic crates  website email

Fruit Buyers/Processors/Marketers

(name listed is often the company’s buyer/grower relations contact; if interested in sourcing/buying berries, consult their website for best contact) 

  • BerryFresh  Darren Sinn, OR  website email
  • Driscoll’s*  multiple contacts, FL, CA  website
  • Giumarra International Berry  Alan Abe, CA/PA  website  email
  • Mastronardi Berry World America Jeff Safi, Andrew Maiman, MI   website email
  • MBG Marketing multiple contacts, FL, GA, NC  website
  • Naturipe Farms  Scott Norman, CA; Brian Bocock, MI  website  email
  • North Bay Produce  Michael Girardin, Nick Osmulski, MI  website  email
  • Seal the Seasons  Danielle Mercier, NC website  email
  • Somerfield Farms  Tonya Bockover, NC  website  email
  • Sun Belle  Ken Hopps, Janice Honigberg, IL  website  email
  • Wish Farms*  Jose Saca, FL website  email

Consultants/Independent Farm Institutes  (also see our list of University/USDA Research Experts)

  • Ag-View Consulting, Inc.  Rod Cook, WA  website email
  • Fisher Berry Crop Consulting Pam Fisher, ON email
  • TSA Consultants Tim Sobey, UK  email

Breeding, Genomics, and Intellectual Property

  • Ekland Marketing Bob Nottelman, CA – Licensing, trials, and marketing of new varieties website email
  • Meiosis, Ltd. Steve McVickers, U.K. – Intellectual property rights for soft fruit  website  email
  • Niwa Hodowla Roslin Jagodowych Sp. Z.o.o.  Agnieszka Orzel, Poland – Berry breeding  website  email
  • Pacific Berry Breeding Ellen Thompson, CA – Berry breeding  email
  • Pairwise Brian Crawford, NC – Genomics   website  email
  • Plant Sciences, Inc. Scott Adams, CA – Berry breeding, ag research website  email


* Contributed to the North American Bramble Growers Research Foundation in 2019-2020