Suppliers and Services for the Raspberry and Blackberry Industry

These members of NARBA offer various products and services. States given indicate the location of the business member, but they generally serve a larger area, depending on the type of business. Website and email links are provided when available. To jump to a specific section, click the link below:


See also our comprehensive Caneberry Nursery List, which lists the varieties and plant types offered by each member nursery. Starred* nurseries below participated in the North American Bramble Growers Research Foundation’s Nursery Contribution Program for 2018-2019. We thank them for their support of research.

Plant & Soil Nutrition

  • ICL Specialty Fertilizers, multiple reps, regions – Water soluble, control release & foliar fertilizers website email
  • Westbridge Agricultural Products, Andy Hudson, CA – Plant nutrients website  email

Pest and Disease Management, Biocontrols, Pollination

  • Koppert Biological Systems, Kristine Blum, MI – Pollination and biocontrol  website  email
  • Petty Enterprises, Buddy Petty, KY – Pest, weed, and disease control products (FMC dealer) email
  • TriEst Ag Group, Cal Lewis, Jodi McPherson, KY- Fumigants and fumigation supplies  email  website 

Protected Culture, Substrate Production  

  • Cravo Equipment, Benjamin Martin, ON – Retractable roof greenhouses  website  email
  • Legro USA,  Dwight Rowe, CA- Growing media  website  email
  • North American Greenhouses, Fernando Lemus, AZ – Greenhouses, net houses, high tunnels  website  email
  • PlantLogic, LLC, Micheal Schmidt, CA – Supplies for substrate production website  email
  • Priva, Inc, Maarten Hartong, CA – Horticultural automation systems  website  email
  • Quiedan Company, Juan Batista/Tom Ceccarelli, CA – High tunnels, trellis systems, other structures  website  email
  • VRE Systems, Randy Phillips, Ontario – Curtains, walls, and other systems for greenhouses  website  email


  • Best Angle Stakes, Karen Wentzler Woolever, PA – Steel support posts website email
  • Trellis Growing Systems*, Richard Barnes, IN – Trellising systems  website  email

Equipment, Other Production Services and Suppliers

  • Agrisource, Jason Worley, GA – Field data collection & analysis  website email
  • Gearmore, Inc., Robert Emhoff, CA – Farm equipment website email
  • Netafim, USA, Doug Davis, CA – Irrigation equipment  website  email
  • TNT Supercenter, Jim Stalvey, GA – Tractors, farm machinery website email

Produce Safety/Harvest Management

  • Fresh QC-VirtualOne, Minor Bolanos, FL – Product tracking and traceback website email

Post-Harvest, Packaging & Marketing

  • McAirlaid’s, Inc, Rena DeBerry, VA – Manufacturer of absorbent pads for clamshells email
  • Ozone Solutions, Jimmy Moler, IA – Ozone treatment systems for post-harvest, processing equip, etc. website email
  • Produce Promotions, Karla Simmons, IN – Signs, banners, etc  website  email 
  • Thunderbird Plastics, Ltd, Adam Gross, BC, Canada – Plastic crates website email

Fruit Buyers/Processors/Marketers

(name listed is often the company’s buyer/grower relations contact; if interested in sourcing/buying berries, consult their website for best contact) 

  • Driscoll’s*, multiple contacts, FL, CA  website
  • Giumarra International Berry, Alan Abe, CA  website  email
  • Hortifrut Mexico, Marco Arias, Jalisco, MX  website email
  • Naturipe Farms, Scott Norman, CA; Brian Bocock, MI  website  email
  • North Bay Produce, Michael Girardin, Nick Osmulski, MI  website  email
  • Sun Belle, Ken Hopps, Janice Honigberg, IL  website  email
  • Wish Farms, Jose Saca, FL website  email

Consultants/Independent Farm Institutes  (also see our list of University/USDA Research Experts)

  • Fisher Berry Crop Consulting, Pam Fisher, ON email
  • Walker Miller, SC  email
  • Noble Foundation, Steve Upson, OK  website email
  • Organic Crop Consulting, Camille Schuelke, IN  email
  • TSA Consultants, Tim Sobey, UK  email

Breeding, Genomics, and Intellectual Property

  • Ekland Marketing Company Patrick Ballew, CA – Variety selection and introduction  website email
  • Meiosis, Ltd, Mark Coxeter, U.K. – Intellectual property rights for soft fruit  website  email
  • Pacific Berry Breeding, Ellen Thompson, CA – Berry breeding  email
  • Pairwise, Brian Crawford, NC –  Genomics   website  email
  • Plant Sciences, Inc, Scott Adams, CA – Berry breeding, ag research website  email
  • Technology Development Network, LLC, Mark Russell, OR – Product marketing strategies  website  email


  • Pangeaketo, Jeff Zucal, IN – Ketogenic foods, including black raspberry confections  website  email

* Contributed to the North American Bramble Growers Research Foundation in 2018-2019

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