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Reinforced Logistics offers shipping for berries from the farm to anywhere in the United States, Canada and Mexico, including multi stop distribution and expedited service. They use the latest Qualcomm satellite tracking technology, plan efficient routes, monitor all shipments, and quickly solve any issues to maintain the schedule all while keeping farms posted with updates. They offer insurance higher than the industry standard with additional coverage available as needed.

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cold chain logistics

Founded in 2023 Reinforced Logistics was created from the bones of the Blackberry Bottom Farm. One of the largest growers of blackberries in the NE, the farm fell victim to cane blight leaving its owners with little choice but to start over, this time in the field of transportation and the cold chain process of fresh produce.

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Using the knowledge gained from their own experience in getting fruit to market using the ever changing transportation industry, Reinforced Logistics became the finest in the field offering on time delivery, pre chilled trucks, drivers with produce knowledge and the newest technology to keep fruit fresh on its way to market.

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