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This page contains a comprehensive listing of nursery suppliers, production resources, a canberry research & extension directory, a list of caneberry industry suppliers and services, information about a raspberry and blackberry pricing survey, and current industry events.
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nursery list

This list includes the raspberry and blackberry caneberry nursery suppliers who are current members of the North American Raspberry & Blackberry Association. You can find contact information, types of plants and cultivars listed by nursery.
NARBA Growers Resources Pest Management

Production Resources

We have compiled a comprehensive list of resources for raspberries and blackberry growers. It includes information about varieties/cultivars, production guides, marketing guides, pests and disease management and much more.
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Caneberry Research & Extension Directory

This list contains research and extension personnel with caneberry expertise (organized by region) working within universities, extension, and the US Department of Agriculture or similar institutions.

Is it Blackberry Leaf Rust or Orange Rust

When someone mentions rust to blackberry growers, what usually comes to mind is the devastating orange rust disease. Learn more about how to differentiate and identify this disease.
Background image: Photo by Jay W. Pscheidt, (c) Oregon State University. Reprinted with permission.
NARBA growers suppliers and services lead

Suppliers & Services directory

This comprehensive list offers a wide variety of products and services aimed at the caneberry industry. Find websites and email contacts of companies who are happy to work with you to improve and grow your farm or business.
NARBA Pricing Survey Lead

Pricing Survey

Researchers at the North Carolina State University, in collaboration with the North American Raspberry & Blackberry Association is conducting a survey to learn more about caneberry pricing and retail strategies for 2023. NARBA requests your participation!
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Industry Events

Beyond our annual conference, members participate in valuable industry events through out the year. From educational seminars to regional tradeshows, events help our members learn and expand their operations.

Raspberry & Blackberry Educational Conference

Join us in Wilmington, North Carolina on February 27th & 28th for engaging and informative session that features speakers and exhibitors from around the world, including top experts and experienced growers.