Nursery List

2023-2024 Raspberry & Blackberry Nurseries

This list includes the caneberry nursery suppliers who are members of the North American Raspberry & Blackberry Association as of September 22, 2023. Please send changes or corrections to

Agri-Starts, Inc

Contact: Johnny Hoblick,

Address: 1728 Kelly Park Rd., Apopka, FL 32712

Phone: (407) 889-8055


Farms and Wholesale only, Web Catalog, Minimum Order: 2 trays

Tissue- Culture Propagated 50 and 72 Cell Pack Liners

Apache, Arapaho, Big Daddy, Brazos, Caddo, Chester, Columbia Star, Eclipse, Galaxy, Kiowa, Natchez, Navaho, Osage, Ouachita, Ponca, Prime-Ark 45, Prime-Ark Freedom, Prime-Ark Horizon, Prime-Ark Traveler, Snowbank, Sweetie Pie, Triple Crown, Twilight, Von
Hybrids: Boysen

Red: Caroline, Nantahala
Purple: Glencoe, Mysore

Blueberries, Figs, Muscadines, Aronia, Ginger, Olives, Kiwi, Mulberry, Pomegranate, Tropical Plants

Indiana Berry & Plant Co.

Contact: Karla Simmons,

Address: 2811 Michigan Road, Plymouth, IN 46563

Phone: (800) 295-2226


Commercial Growers, Gardeners, Web and Print Catalogs

Bare Root Canes

Apache, Arapaho, Caddo, Kiowa, Natchez, Osage, Ponca, Prime-Ark Freedom, Prime-Ark Traveler, Triple Crown, Von

Red: Boyne, Canby, Caroline, Crimson Night,Encore, Heritage, K-81-6, Killarney, Nantahala, Nova, Polana, Prelude 
Purple: Brandywine, Royalty
Gold: Anne, Double Gold, Fallgold
Black: Bristol, Jewel, Mac Black

Strawberries, Currants, Grapes, Blueberries, Rhubarb, Asparagus, and more

Kriegers Whole-sale Nursery

Contact: Mark, James, and Marilyn Krieger,

Address: P.O. Box 116, Bridgman, MI 49106

Phone: (269) 465-5522


Commercial Growers, Wholesale, Gardeners, Web and Print Catalogs, Online Ordering

Bare Root & Potted Plants, some Organic, but Limited Availability

Apache, Arapaho, Chester, Darrow, Hull, Natchez, Navajo, Ouachita, Prime-Ark Freedom,Triple Crown
Hybrids: Logan

Red: Autumn Bliss, Caroline, Cascade Delight, Heritage, Latham, Mammoth Red, Prelude, September
Purple: Brandywine, Royalty
Gold: Anne, Fallgold
Black: Bristol, Cumberland, Jewel, New Logan

Blueberries, Strawberries, Gooseberries, Currants, Grapes, Figs, Elderberry, Goji Berries, Asparagus, Rhubarb, Hops, Horseradish, Jostaberry

NARBA nursery list norcal nursery logo

NOrcal Nursery

Contact: Charlie Gundersen,

Address: 21008 Dersch Road, Anderson, CA 96007

Phone: (530) 524-2468

Website: None Provided

Commercial Growers, Web Catalog

Black Diamond, Columbia Giant, Columbia Star, Eclipse

Cascade Delight, Cascade Harvest, Finnberry, Kokanee, Meeker

North American Plants

Contact: Michael Remmick,

Address:9375 SE Warmington Rd.
Mcminnville, OR 97128

Phone: (503) 474-1852


Commercial Growers, Wholesale, Plants Grown to Order from Tissue Culture, No Retail Sales, Web Catalog
Plugs (50-cell trays)

Apache, Arapaho, Black Diamond, Black Satin, Caddo, Celestial, Chester, Columbia Giant, Columbia Star,
Columbia Sunrise, Eclipse, Galaxy, Hall’s Beauty, Kotata, Loch Ness, Marionberry, Natchez, Navaho, Newberry, Obsidian, Olallie, Onyx, Osage, Ouachita, Ponca, Prime-Ark® 45, Prime-Ark® Freedom, Prime-Ark® Horizon, Prime-Ark® Traveler, Silvan, Thunderhead, Triple Crown, Twilight, Von, Waldo, Wild Treasure and OSU and UARK advanced selections (with MTA).
Hybrids: Boysenberry, Thornless Boysenberry, Loganberry, Tayberry

Red: Amity, Canby, Caroline, Cascade Bounty, Cascade Dawn, Cascade Delight, Cascade Harvest, Crimson Giant, Crimson Night, Crimson Treasure, Finnberry, Heritage, Kokanee, Lewis, Meeker, Nantahala, Nova, Tulameen, Vintage and OSU and Cornell advanced selections (with MTA).

Gold: Cascade Gold, Double Gold, Fallgold, Honey Queen

Black: Bristol, Jewel, Munger

Blueberries, nut & fruit trees, shrubs, shade trees, perennials

Northwest Plant Company

Contact: Julie Enfield,

Address: 8021 Woodland Road, Ferndale, WA 98248

Phone: (360) 354-2919


Wholesale, To Order, Web Catalog

Plugs, Tissue Culture, Custom Propagation of Long Canes

Black Diamond, Columbia Sunrise, Columbia Star, Everthornless, Marion, Metolius, Obsidian, Triple Crown, Wild Treasure
Hybrids: Boysenberry, Loganberry, Tayberry

Red: Cascade Delight, Cascade Gold, Cascade Harvest, Cascade Premier, Chemainus, Early Bell, Malahat, Meeker, Rudi, Saanich, Squamish, Tulameen, Wake®Field, ‘NN08002’ Wake®Haven,
Black: Munger, Bristol, Jewel

Nourse Farms

Contact: John Place,

Address: 41 River Rd., South Deerfield, MA 01373

Phone: (413) 665-2658


Commercial Growers, Wholesale, Gardeners, Web/Print Catalogs

Bare Root Canes, Plugs, Roots, Plants for Long Cane Production

Caddo, Chester, Natchez, Osage, Ponca, Prime-Ark 45, Prime-Ark Freedom, Prime- Ark Horizon, Ouachita, Triple Crown

Red:Boyne, Caroline, Encore, Heritage, Himbo Top, Imara, Killarney, Kwanza, Kweli, Latham, Mapema, Nova, Polana, Polka, Prelude

Purple: Royalty

Gold: Anne, Double Gold

Black: Bristol, Jewel, Mac Black, Niwot

Strawberries, Blueberries, Currants, Gooseberries, Rhubarb, and more

Onesime Pouliot Agriplant

Contact: Joey Boudreault,

Address: 5342 Chemin Royal, Saint-Jean-de-l’ile-d’Orleans, Quebec City, QC, Canada G0A3W0

Phone: (418) 829-2801 x 308


Commercial Growers, Wholesale, Web Catalog

Tissue culture propagated 72 cell pack liners

Red: Kwanza, Tulameen

Strawberry Plugs


Contact: Phillip Pense,

Address: 2318 Hwy 71 NE, Mountainburg, AR 72946

Phone: (479) 369-2494


Commercial Growers, Wholesale, Gardeners, (Minimum $150.00),
Web Catalog

Bare Root Canes (Grown from tissue Culture Mother Plants), Other Types Special Order

Apache, Arapaho, Caddo, Chester, Eclipse, Galaxy, Natchez, Navaho, Osage, Ouachita, Ponca, Prime-Ark Freedom, Prime-Ark Horizon, Triple Crown, Twightlight, Von

Hybrids: Boysenberry, Tayberry

Red: Boyne, Caroline, Encore, Heritage, Himbo Top, Joan J, Killarney, Latham, Nova, Polana, Polka, Prelude,
Gold: Anne, Double Gold
Black: Bristol, Jewel, Niwot

Strawberries, Grapes, Blueberries, Tree Fruit, Asparagus, Honey Berries, Kiwis


Contact: Whitney Phillips,

Address: P.O. Box 729, Farmville, NC 27828

Phone: (252) 228-8248


Commercial Growers, Wholesale, Web Catalog

50-Cell Plugs

Arapaho, Apache, Caddo, Eclipse, Galaxy, Natchez, Navaho, Osage, Ouachita, Ponca, Prime-Ark 45, Prime-Ark Horizon, Prime-Ark Traveler, Triple Crown, Twilight, Von

Red: Heritage, Kokanee, Meeker, Nantahala, Tulameen, Vintage, Crimson Giant, Crimson Treasure, Crimson Night
Gold: Fallgold, Double Gold
Black: Jewel

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