Looking for a source of plants? Or looking especially for Von blackberries, Boyne raspberries, Niwot black raspberries, Double Gold raspberries, or some other cultivars?  NARBA’s Raspberry & Blackberry Nursery List can help!

Each fall, NARBA publishes this list, listing all our member nurseries and updating the caneberry cultivars they are offering this fall and spring. The list also gives full contact information, describes whether they sell wholesale, to commercial growers, and/or to home gardeners, and tells the types of plant they offer, such as plugs, bare root, and potted plants.

This year, three new cultivars developed in very different regions have been added by the nurseries: Caddo blackberry (Arkansas), Cascade Premier (Washington), and Mapema (Netherlands)

See the 2019-2020 Caneberry Nursery List here.