Thank you for your interest in submitting a poster for the 2018 North American Raspberry & Blackberry Conference! Posters are of great interest to attendees and receive considerable attention and discussion. A poster session is scheduled for Friday, February 23 at 5:00-6:00 pm.  

It is not necessary to attend the conference to submit a poster, though some preference will be given to posters submitted by conference attendees. Visit the conference home page to learn more about the program and registration. 

Submitting posters:

  • Topics: Posters should be directly related to raspberries and/or blackberries. A wide variety of topics is acceptable.
  • Who can submit: Researchers, students, extension, growers, or others in the caneberry community. Informal posters from growers are welcome; other growers will be very interested in how your farm grows and markets your berries or conducts on-farm research. Industry posters will be accepted if focused on research/information and not significantly self-promotional.
  • Acceptance: Posters will be accepted on the basis of relevancy, space available, and date of submission. You do NOT need to attend the conference to have a poster accepted. However, some preference will be given to those who will attend.
  • Submission deadline: Poster submissions are due no later than February 9. Later submissions may be accepted if space is available, though may not be listed in the printed program; please contact NARBA. Title/authors of late submissions may not be listed in the program
  • Sending files: To have your poster abstract and/or a pdf of the poster itself published in the online conference Proceedings, please send these to
  • Poster returns: If you wish your poster returned, you will be charged shipping costs plus a $10/handling fee. Payment can be arranged after your poster is accepted.

PLEASE FILL OUT AND SUBMIT THE FORM BELOW.  If you do not have all the information requested at the time of submission (eg exact author list), please indicate this in the comments section. Missing information can be supplied later (preferably by January 26).   If you have questions or problems with this form, please contact the NARBA office by email or by calling 919-542-4037.


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