Savannah Conference Ferries & Buses

Below is information about the buses and ferries that will be operating to take conference attendees to/from the Trade & Convention Center, which is on Hutchinson Island, across the river from downtown Savannah. The standard ferry schedule may be seen here, and you’ll be able to get more detailed information at the convention center, docks, and hotel,including expanded service. The buses and ferries are free.  

You can also drive to the Convention Center and park your car there (parking is, I think, $5 day, if they are collecting it).  Going over the Savannah River Bridge is worth doing at least once, either by car or in the bus!

Be sure to leave enough time to get to the Convention Center! You may have to wait for a bus or ferry, and they may make another stop before they get to your destination. If the river is foggy, ferries will be delayed; take the bus instead.