Proceedings of NARBA Conferences

Blackberry breeder John Clark is a popular presenter at NARBA conferences.

The North American Raspberry & Blackberry Association has published Proceedings for most, if not all, of its annual conferences. Starting in 2014, Proceedings have been published online as PDF files. 

Proceedings 2018-2020 are posted in the the Members-Only section of this website. (Proceedings access is also provided to non-member attendees/presenters at each conference.)

 In 2019, the NARBA board created a new policy that non-members could receive access to the Proceedings not yet in public access with the payment of a donation of at least $25 to the North American Bramble Growers Research Foundation. Contact NARBA for more information.

Proceedings 2014-2017: are published online with public access:   

Proceedings 2010 -2013 were published on CD, with most files in PDF format. Proceedings before 2010 are in hard-copy print format as 8.5 x 11 booklets. Print copies of most of the pre-2010 Proceedings are available in limited quantities, as are the CD Proceedings 2010 through 2013. These may be ordered for $10 each, shipping included, within the U.S. If multiple copies or issues are requested, of one or several issues, this amount can be discounted.  Shipping charges are higher for shipping outside the U.S.

Individual articles or files may be requested as pdf files or scans. There is no charge or a small charge for these.

Proceedings before 2010 were printed on paper. NARBA has a complete set of these (we think), and some duplicates. If you want a copy or a specific article, contact NARBA.

Contact the NARBA office if you wish to request Proceeding, articles, or the Table of Contents for any specific year.