Our new 2015-2016 Caneberry Nursery List


NARBA’s annual Caneberry Nursery List lists all our member nurseries — businesses who raise and supply raspberry and blackberry plants to commercial growers, home gardeners, and other nurseries or garden centers. It includes a table of the different varieties or cultivars they currently offer for sale. We also ask each nursery what type of plants they have. These include micropropagated plug plants, bareroot canes, or root pieces. 

Young plant from a bare root cane

Young plant from a bare root cane

If you are contemplating ordering plants, be sure to research what grows well in your region. Consider your purpose for the berries– whether local market, wholesale, or home garden. Talk to other growers and consult extension recommendations. You will also find our nursery members very knowledgeable about what they sell. And order early to assure that what you want is available.

We compile the list each fall as a service to both sellers and buyers.