Information for Ventura Exhibitors

Trade show setup and hours: The tradeshow is open starting at 7:30 am on Friday, February 23.  You can setup any time after 6:00 amYou cannot set up the night before, as another group is using the space (we tried!).  We suggest you try to be at least mostly set up by 7:30, as we’ll offer coffee/breakfast in this area, and this is a prime time for attendees to come by.  If you have cases or boxes you’d like to bring in the evening before, I will have a small room nearby where these can be stored and locked up, just let me know.  We plan a modest reception from 5:00-6:00 pm on Friday during the poster session; you may want to keep your exhibit open then too. Saturday hours are 7:30-2:00. Breakdown is 2:00-3:00 pm on Saturday. If you plan to leave early, please let me know.

Security and access: The trade show area is an open preconference lobby just outside our meeting rooms (see attached picture).  It’s just upstairs from the lobby, with one side facing an open atrium balcony (hope that makes sense).  Don’t expect a fork lift or pallet jack, there is probably a hand truck if you need one, or we will help find some willing lifters if needed. There is a loading dock. The exhibit area can NOT be locked up overnight. Be sure to cover or remove valuable items, or we can lock them in our nearby storage room.  If you want to bring large equipment, it can be parked outside very nearby; let me know.

Exhibit spaces: Each exhibitor is entitled to one 6 ft. x 2.5 ft. covered and skirted table (two tables if you have a double booth, and there are a few exhibitors sharing tables).  Tables will be covered and skirted in black fabric. If you prefer NOT to have a table or want a small table instead (there are a couple of options), be sure to let me know.  Booth assignments: We will post a map of the exhibit tables and also put your company name on a piece of paper on the table.  You may not switch locations without first checking with me.  

Electricity: IF you need electricity, please make sure we know.  We are not charging extra for electricity but encourage you to bring your own cords/power strips, as then we won’t need to rent them from the hotel.

Shipping in your materials: Please arrange to have shipments arrive no sooner than February 16. Please send to:  Yourself, c/o NARBA, Ventura Beach Marriott, 2055 Harbor Blvd., Ventura, CA  93001. Note that Monday February 19 is a federal holiday.

Program opportunities.  We have scheduled a block of time on Saturday morning described in the program as  “What’s new? Research you can use, new technology, and more from our exhibitors and others in the industry”  We may still have a few slots available.  If you would be interested in presenting during this time, please send me the following information: Topic you wish to present, amount of time you need/want, and name of presenter.  We are not interested in sales pitches for your standard products/services, but really things that are innovative and in new research.  

You may also want to volunteer to lead a session in the “Talking Lunch” that follows from 12:15-2:00 on Saturday. We will be inviting participates to break into small groups for discussions, presentations, and demonstrations.  You could do something at your exhibit, or we’d assign space in one of the rooms. Again, let me know if there’s something you want to offer.  

Meals: Your registration includes lunch and breakfast both Friday and Saturday. There is a reception on Wednesday Feb 21, before the tour, which is Thursday, Feb 22; you are welcome to come to the reception. 

Adding registrations: If you want to register additional representatives for your booth, there is a discounted charge is $95/person for Fri/Sat registration for them.  If you want to register any of your customers, we would be glad to let you register them at the NARBA member “additional registrant”  price, which offers a considerable savings (we hope they will then choose to become NARBA members themselves!) See for details. I can explain how to do this.  The tour is now essentially full.

Please help get the word out about this conference! The conference webpage is  You also will find links there for fliers in both English and Spanish (English-Spanish translation will be provided at the conference).  I also have a couple hundred postcards sitting here useless—let me know if you want some to distribute and I will mail you a stack.

Questions/contact: Please let me know if you have any questions at any time.  During the conference (I arrive in Ventura on Feb 20), I can best be reached by cell phone 919-545-6746 or email at

Debby Wechsler, NARBA Executive Secretary