Displaying the NARBA logo

Help support NARBA by displaying our logo on your website, brochures, labels or signs. 

Use and display of the NARBA logo by members in their own farm/business signage, boxes, labels, website, and publications can benefit both the association and the members. You’ll show that you are committed to being part of a national organization, getting the latest information, and supporting research. By linking to our website, you can share NARBA’s great recipe collection, information on berry health benefits, and more. And NARBA benefits from the additional exposure.

NARBA can supply the logo in a variety of digital formats (.tif, .jpg, .eps, .gif, .pdf).  NARBA members are encouraged to make use of the NARBA logo and their affiliation with NARBA under the following conditions:

  1. Members using or displaying the logo should notify NARBA of their intent to do so.
  2. Use of the logo is subject to NARBA’s approval. The logo must be reproduced in a clear, high quality way in an acceptable use that is not prejudicial against the organization. The member may be requested to supply a proof, des
    cription of use, screen-shot/URL, etc. for NARBA’s approval. Wording accompanying the logo is also subject to approval. Linking of the logo to NARBA’s website (www.raspberryblackberry.com)  in online uses is requested.
  3. The member may ONLY use or display the NARBA logo so long as the membership remains current and in good standing. Members whose membership lapses or who choose not to renew must cease using or displaying the NARBA logo, even if already printed on signs or a stock of boxes, brochures, labels, etc.