Next Steps — What You Can Do

1. Join the R&P email list to receive additional information and updates on this initiative. 

2. Help with outreach. It is important that ALL blackberry producers (and importers) are aware of this proposed R&P and have an opportunity to weigh in, ask questions, and learn more. Would you like some materials to share with others?  Would you like a speaker for a meeting? Contact NARBA.

3. Pledge or send funds. We MUST raise $150,000 as a bond to USDA before a referendum can be held. If you think the R&P is a good idea that will benefit you, then actively show your support. These funds will be held in an escrow account and returned to you if the referendum passes. Contact NARBA for details and a pledge form.

4. Share your concerns. Let NARBA or any member of the Steering Committee know if you are undecided, opposed, or confused about the proposed R&P.  This is a democratic process and ALL voices matter.