2020 Research Foundation Grants

Three proposals were submitted, for a total request of $13,974. 

The following proposals were approved for funding:

  • Evaluation of blackberry production using soil-less culture and long-cane techniques – Ryan Dickson, Leala Machesney, Amanda McWhirt, and Margaret Worthington, University of Arkansas: $5,000
  • Prevalence and management of fungicide-resistant fungal pathogens of blackberry – Jonathan Oliver, University of Georgia: $5,000

The committee also recommended, and the Trustees approved, funding of three scholarships (travel grants) of $500 each, to support graduate student to attend the national meeting and to present a poster. NARBA will also waive conference registration costs for the students receiving travel grants. Details for this program are being developed. Because the 2021 NARBA conference will be virtual this year,  travel scholarships will not be needed; funds will be held for future allocation.

The NABG Research Foundation thanks all donors to the Foundation for their support that makes this research possible. Major donors are listed in the sidebar to right, and many other members also donated. Each year 25% of North American Raspberry & Blackberry Association membership dues are allocated automatically to the Foundation.