2018 NABG Research Foundation Awards

Fifteen proposals were submitted, for a total request of $60,154. The total of all grants for 2018 is $18,823. Five projects received full funding and one received partial funding. These projects were funded:

  • Development of Aphid Resistance Resources in Black Raspberry – Kelly Vining, Oregon State University; Nahla Bassil and Chad Finn, USDA-ARS-Corvallis, $4,867
  • Evaluation of fungicides for management of cane blight disease of blackberry – Jonathan Oliver, University of Georgia, $3,000
  • Pseudo Double-Cropping Primocane Blackberry Cultivars in a Cold Hardiness Zone 4 Region – Harlene Hatterman-Valenti, $4,040
  • Rapid Assessment of Red Drupelet Reversion in Blackberries Harvested throughout the Day – Margaret Worthington, John R Clark, and Renee Threlfall, University of Arkansas, $3,500
  • Substrate Culture of Raspberries, 2018 – Eric Hanson, Michigan State University, $2,416
  • Using molecular tools to incorporate spotted wing drosophila host use and movement patterns towards the development of targeted management programs – Hannah Burrack and Lauren Diepenbrock, North Carolina State University, $1,000

The NABG Research Foundation thanks all donors to the Foundation for their support that makes this research possible. Major donors are listed in the sidebar to right. While 25% of North American Raspberry & Blackberry Association membership dues are allocated automatically to the Foundation, NARBA also made an extra donation this year of $5,000 from its general funds.