2016 NABG Research Foundation Awards

Ten proposals were received, totaling $36,742. The Foundation funded seven projects for a total of $16,862.
The total request represented an increase over last year of almost 40 percent. A number of the projects were given partial funding of their request. 

  • Alternative method of primocane management for primocane-fruiting blackberry – Fumi Takeda, USDA-ARS, Kearneysville, WV,  $3,430
  • Manipulating horticultural practices to manage SWD – Tracy Leskey and Kevin Rice, USDA-ARS, Kearneysville, WV, $1,000
  • Developing the Genomic Infrastructure for Breeding Improved Black Raspberries – Chad Finn et al. USDA-ARS Corvallis, OR, $1,500
  • Electronic Labeling USDA Rubus Genebank, Part 3 – Joseph Postman and Kim Hummer, USDA-ARS National Clonal Germplasm Repository, Corvallis, OR, $1,000
  • Fire Blight: An Emerging Problem for Blackberry Growers in the Mid-South – Burt Bluhm, University of Arkansas, $4000
  • Using bacteria and fungi to develop sustainable control methods for SWD – Johanna Elsonsohn and Hannah Burrack, NC State University, $2,500
  • Effects of the mating and reproductive status of SWD females on their attraction to fermentation-based baits and ripe fruits – Hannah Burrack and Katie Swoboda Bhattarai, NC State University, $3,432