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raspberry and blackberry in all colors and shapes


Growing Raspberries and Blackberries in the Home Garden

Does walking out to the garden for a handful of just-picked raspberries or blackberries for your breakfast cereal appeal to you? Bramble fruit take little space and start to bear fruit the second year after planting. And home gardeners have the advantage of being able to choose some of the varieties that are extremely flavorful but don't hold up in commercial marketing.

Be sure find out what types, varieties, and growing methods do best in your area--many are suited to specific climates and regions. We suggest that you start by checking with Extension in your county or state to see if they have recommendations. Below are links to selected on-line home-garden resources from various states. Most of these are applicable to a wider area. 

Blackberry Production in the Home Garden (Arkansas)
Blackberries for the Home Garden (North Carolina)
Cornell Guide to Growing Fruit at Home (New York)
Raspberries for the Home Garden (North Carolina)
Organic Culture of Bramble Fruits (ATTRA)
Raising Bramble Fruit in Pennsylvania
Home Garden Raspberries and Blackberries (Georgia)
Raspberries for the Backyard Fruit Planting (Ohio)

A very good resource is Ask the Berry Man, a website for home-garden small fruit growers from Nourse Farms, one of NABGA's member nurseries. It includes a detailed planting guide, information on soil care and pest control for home gardeners, recipes, links, and more--including an on-line discussion board. Check it out!

The "Growers" section of this website also offers links to nursery sources, berry problem diagnostic tools, and commercial production guides that you may find helpful.