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raspberry and blackberry in all colors and shapes


Links to Resources for Growers

Below are links to numerous web resources for blackberry and raspberry growers. We will continue to build this list. Please contact NABGA  if you would like to suggest additional resources to include or if the links given have failed.


Licensed Propagators of Arkansas Blackberry Varieties (U of Arkansas)
Strawberry, Raspberry, and Blueberry Cultivar Review  (Cornell)
Nursery Guide for Berry Crops (Cornell) 

Production Practices

NRAES Bramble Production Guide (information on ordering)

Pest/Disease Diagnostics

Berry Diagnostic Tool   (Cornell)  
Blackberry Diagnostic Tool (North Carolina)
What is Wrong with My Raspberries? (Michigan)
Virtual Plant & Pest Diagnostic Laboratory (Purdue-Ohio)
Northwest Integrated Pest Management  (Oregon)

Pest & Disease Controls: Product Updates & Registrations

What's Hot in Bramble Production (Virginia)

Raspberry and Blackberry Disease Fact Sheets

Integrated Management of Bramble Diseases  (Ohio State University)
Anthracnose (Pennsylvania State University)
Cane Blight (Ohio State University)
Crown Gall (Pennsylvania State University)
Grey Mold (Botrytis Fruit Rot) Pennsylvania State University
Orange Rust (Ohio State University)
Orange Rust of Brambles (Illinois)
Phytophthora Root Rot (Ohio State University)
Powdery Mildew(Pennsylvania State University)
Raspberry Leaf Spot (University of California, Davis)
Spur Blight (Red Raspberries) (Ohio State University)
Verticillium Wilt (Ohio State University)
Raspberry Virus Diseases (Pennsylvania State University)
Cane Blight of Blackberries (University of Georgia) 

Pest and Disease Management Guides

Midwest Small Fruit Pest Management Handbook (Ohio State University)
Spray Guide for Commercial Small Fruit, Disease and Insect Management (Virginia Tech)
2005 Pest Management Guidelines for Berry Crops (Cornell-NY)
New England Small Fruit Pest Management Guide (Massachusetts)
Virginia Pest Management Guide (Virginia Tech)

Information from Specific States or Regions

Cornell Berry Resources
Michigan Bramble Information
Midwest Small Fruit and Grape Network
New England Small Fruit Pest Management Guide
Northwest Berry and Grape Information Network

Northwest Center for Small Fruits Research
Ohio State University Small Fruit Information
Southeast Small Fruits Consortium
Northwest Integrated Pest Management  (Oregon)

On-Line or E-mail Newsletters

Massachusetts Berry Notes
New York Berry News
Small Fruit Update (Oregon)

Berry Organizations

New York State Berry Growers Association
Oregon Raspberry & Blackberry Commission
Washington Red Raspberry Commission
Wisconsin Berry Growers Association