Suppliers and Services for the Raspberry and Blackberry Industry

These members of NARBA offer various products and services. States given indicate the location of the business, but they generally serve a larger area, depending on the type of business.  Website and email links are provided when available.


See also our comprehensive NARBA Raspberry & Blackberry Nursery List, which lists the varieties and plant types offered by each member nursery. Starred* nurseries participated in the North American Bramble Growers Research Foundation’s Nursery Contribution Program for 2016-2017. 

* These nurseries contributed to the NABG Research Foundation Nursery Contribution Program in 2016-2017.  We appreciate their commitment to supporting research. 

Services and Products for Production 

  • AgBiome Innovations, Liz Gaston, NC – Biofungicides website  email
  • Berry Hill Irrigation, Jon Davidson, VA – Drip irrigation website email
  • Botanicoir, Ltd., Anna Coco, FL (main office in UK) – Coir substrate material website  email
  • Agro-K Corporation, Larry Shafer / Dell Christianson, MN – Soil and plant nutrient products website email
  • Cravo Equipment, Benjamin Martin, ON – Retractable roof greenhouses  website  email
  • Dupont Crop Protections, Keith Diedrick, WI – Crop protectants email
  • Fresh QC  -VirtualOne, Minor Bolanos, FL – Software website email
  • Growth Products, Ltd., Goris Passchier, NY – Plant nutrition & crop protectantswebsite
  • Morgan Composting, Joel Clifton, MI Compost products website email
  • Nature’s Choice, Fred Messner, MO – Bird control  website  email
  • Trellis Growing Systems, Richard Barnes, IN – Trellising systems  website  email
  • Wire & Cable Specialties, Stephen Miller/ Michael Hogan – Monofilament trellis wire  website  email

Produce Safety

  • Fresh QC  -VirtualOne, Minor Bolanos, FL website email
  • Mid-America Produce Safety Services, website email
  • Shoenfelt Company, LLC, Megan Shoenfelt, OH  email

Post-Harvest, Packaging & Marketing

  • Produce Promotions, Karla Simmons, IN – Signs, banners, etc  website  email 
  • Rockford Package Supply, Ted Paulson, MI – Packaging website email
  • Thunderbird Plastics, Ltd, Stephen Call, OR – Plastic crates website website email

Fruit Buyers/Marketers

(name listed is often the company’s buyer/grower relations contact; if interested in sourcing/buying berries, consult their website for best contact)

Consultants/Independent Farm Institutes  (also see our list of University/USDA Research Experts)

  • Bob Rouse Agriculturalist, LLC, Bob Rouse, MD
  • Fisher Berry Crop Consulting, Pam Fisher, ON email
  • Richard Funt, OH  email
  • Walker Miller, SC  email
  • Noble Foundation, Steve Upson, OK website email
  • Organic Crop Consulting, Camille Schuelke, IN email
  • Peerbolt Crop Management, Tom Peerbolt, OR website  email
  • Perennia, Jennifer Haverstock, NS website  email
  • TSA Consultants, Tim Sobey, UK email


  • Ekland Marketing Company, Bob Nottelman, CA – Variety selection and introduction email
  • Meiosis, Ltd, Mark Coxeter, U.K. – Intellectual property rights for soft fruit  website  email
  • Pacific Berry Breeding, Ellen Thompson, CA – Berry breeding  email
  • Planamerica, Tania Nunez-Rios, Mexico – Berry breeding email
  • Plant Sciences, Inc, Lenin Ovando, CA – Berry breeding, ag research email

Value-added products (wholesale/online sales)

  • Ann’s Raspberry Farm, Daniel Trudel, OH – Specialty pickles and preserves email website


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