The foundation received seven proposals for a total request of $21,000.  Five projects were fully funded and one received partial funding for a total of$14,756 in 2017 grants.

Substrate Culture of Raspberries – Eric, Hanson, Michigan State University, $3,116

Eleven blackberry cultivar trial, and varietal specific susceptibility to certain pathogens – Guido Schnabel, eff Hopkins and Jennifer Corbin, Clemson University, $2,000

Grit Weeding to Efficiently Control Weed Populations in Primocane-Fruiting Raspberries – Steve Poppe, Mary Rogers, University of Minnesota, $2,500

Pseudo-Double-Cropping Primocane Blackberry Cultivars in a Cold Hardiness Zone 4 Region – Charlene Harlene Batterman-Valenti, North Dakota State University, $4,340

 Vitamin C content in blackberries during storage – Penelope Perkins-Veazie, Gina Fernandez,North Carolina State University, $2,800

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